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A VPN connection is required to access the portal abroad.
Please install the VPN program and log in with your Portal account and try to connect again.
UNIST 포탈을 해외에서 접속하기 위해서는 VPN 연결이 필요합니다.
VPN 클라이언트를 설치하여 포탈 계정으로 접속한 후 다시 포탈 홈으로 접속 해주세요.

For mobile devices, install 'Pulse Secure' in the store and try to connect again.
모바일 환경에서는 스토어에서 'Pulse Secure' 설치 후 이용하세요.

Windows VPN Client Program
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[VPN Connection Address: vpn.unist.ac.kr]

- Contact -

UNIST Portal: Information Strategy Team / Sung-jun Ha (portal@unist.ac.kr, +82 52-217-1426)
e-Approval.: Information Strategy Team / Seyong Chang (edea@unist.ac.kr, +82 52-217-1422)
VPN: Information Technology Team / Young-woong Lee (hero2@unist.ac.kr, +82 52-217-1435)

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